April Challenge Update and May Challenge

April was probably the busiest month for me this year, in fact not since the last month or so with WP Email Capture last July has there been a month I have been so full on. As such did my April Challenge – my secret – a success?

April Challenge: Success!

Yes it was! It was a rush towards the end, and it had a few tear out hair moments, but overall it was a success. I achieved what I wanted. And as it was a success, I have a reward.

The reward will be a party. It will be held somewhere in Chorlton. I will let you know when I plan this.

May Challenge: Another Secret!

Again, May Challenge is unfortunately another secret, for completely different reasons to the above. Hopefully when

I’m a bastard, I know. Thankfully June’s challenge, which I’ve already come up with, is due to go out in the open.

Promise a meaningful blog post soon.



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