The Bay on Bing

Okay, I’m struggling with blog posts this week, and although I’m not technically a search guy anymore since the launch of FireCask, I’m still interested in search news.

One such story which appeals to me, my mum and a few others was the appearance of Colwyn Bay on the home page of bing yesterday.

Although I moved out about 3 and a half years ago, I’ve a massive affinity with the town and the football club (the last link is what you see when you let me design a website – for better or worse!), so it was an incredible sense of pride I felt when I saw the Bay on the home page of a major search engine on an important day in the British Calendar.


I used to attend the Eirias Park bonfire night celebrations regularly growing up, though towards the end of my time in the Bay I discovered if you headed to the (then still opened) Colwyn Bay pier you could watch the fireworks with a beer and a pie and not have to queue for hours to get out of the festivities.

It should be added (cheers Mark!) that it’s an old photo of the Bay. The dome you can see in the picture isn’t there on the account it blew onto a nearby motorway during a storm.

Still, cheers Bing! Much appreciated! I expect mention of this to be in a few papers this week!

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