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Don’t worry, this isn’t a post on me hawking WP Email Capture.

So yes, if you remember my goal for February is to declutter. It’s going well, a sober weekend saw me break the back of most of the work I needed to do, and have well and truly cleared my desk. I also went on an eBay splurge, and managed to clear a bunch of stuff and list it online. Hurrah!


Yes, that’s most of the stuff I’ve listed online. But not all. You see, for some reason eBay in their infinite wisdom have put limits as to what you can sell in a month. You see, I should’ve sold about 15 items, I’m only allowed to sell 10 a month.

Curses! When did this happen?

Anyway, as a few of you asked, the items I am selling are below. Bid high, bid often, bid aggressively. Thank you.

(PS. Want a feed like this? Download my eBay Feeds For WordPress Plugin!)

(PPS. Snowed under with a few projects, back early next week with proper non shilly post)

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