Bye Google Reader, Hello Feedly!

So over the Easter weekend I switched to Feedly!


My stalling for switching has largely been because of compatibility with one of my favourite apps – Buffer. Previously on Google Reader, I used IFTTT so that any starred post would get posted to Buffer. I reached out to IFTTT to see if there was a replacement. Their response was the rather unhelpful “sign up for updates!”, so I put it on the backburner for a while.

That was until I saw a post by Leo Widrich on the Buffer blog entitled “Top 5 Google Reader Alternatives that Work With Buffer“, after trying Feedly first I was happy with it, and decided to stick with it.

I was more than happy, I was impressed! It played a lot nicer with third party services that Google Reader did. I think is because each reader seems to be their respective company’s main focus, whereas Google’s is search. As such, it’s probably in the best interests for them to innovate and keep things new.

It isn’t perfect. For one the Android App is dreadful, so much so that rather than the app, I am simply using the desktop version on my tablet. But apart from that it is pretty good.

But as things stand, I’m happy with Feedly. And as such, I need some new blogs to read! So what blogs have I missed so far? Bear in mind, I am into in WordPress, SEO, shit like Lifehacker, Football, Travel, Wrestling and General Bumpf.

9 thoughts on “Bye Google Reader, Hello Feedly!”

  1. I don’t mind the Android app. for feedly, but I am finding their Android widget is totally non-functional. It hasn’t provided a single post yet, which is somewhat annoying since the Google Reader one was the only thing I used for perusing my feeds.

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Did switch from the widget to the app actually and it worked a lot better. The widget really affected my workflow (read post, if I like, share on buffer) in that when shared, it’d return me back to the post I clicked on the widget, when the app returned me to the last post I read. Works better 🙂

  2. Nice post, I made the same switch over this weekend. The UI is fairly similar to Reader IMO, but I agree with the comment about the android app. I’ve got the android widget installed on my homescreen which is ok, although I still prefer the Google Reader Widgets (while they last).

  3. Mine, obviously 😉

    I haven’t managed to switch from Google Reader yet, far too lazy for that. Will give this Feedly jazz a go when I finally get round to it though.

  4. You’d better be subscribed to femgeek!

    I liked feedly but I’ve gone for selfoss in the end. Nothing like self hosted! I dont trust feedly to not start charging soon what with all the new people who will come to rely on it! Plus if I don’t like something, I can redo it!

  5. Anyone else find Feedly sometimes doesn’t put the most recent posts first? Sometimes I’ll get posts that are 20/30 days old appearing near the top of my feed. Really annoying.

    Also, I’m using the gReader Android app. It’s better than the Feedly Android app, and claims it’ll still work when Google Reader stops.

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