Yes, I am Well Aware that I’m In The Metro Today talking About Jeremy Paxman Saying “Don Quicks-Oat”

So here is the tweet.

And Here is the story in the Metro. Which you have no doubt read and are reading this because a) you are a friend or an acquaintance of mine and b) you have read the story in the Metro.

So thank you for telling me about it, but there is really no need. I spend a lot of time on the internet and egosurf my name thanks to Mention. So I had an email alert about it. I can get away with egosurfing my own name as there aren’t really that many “Rhys Wynne’s” out there. There’s one who plays cricket. And one who plays for Mold Alexandra, and one who edits the Welsh Wikipedia (that I get copied into tweets constantly for) but that’s about it.

To be fair if that is a bit of my 15 minutes of fame, there are worst things to be famous for, commentating on high brow BBC2 entertainment. Even if I am proving Cunningham’s Law.

Right. That’s done. Now carry on with the day.

30 Books That Will Make Marketers improve Their Skills on State of Digital

Recently, I contributed to a post on State of Digital as I picked a book that was listed on their 30 Books That Will Make Marketers Improve Their Skills. The book I chose was the rather excellent Trust Me I’m Lying by Ryan Holliday. This book completely defines the whole “It’s better to Beg for Forgiveness than Ask for Permission”, and well worth checking out.

The list contains 29 other luminaries of the digital world, and it’s a great reading list. Well worth checking out and bookmarking!

You can read the post here.

Speaking at MWUG on 15th January 2014

So as announced on my Goals of 2013 post, one of the goals – start speaking – was a semi pass/fail, largely due to the fact that whilst I didn’t speak in 2013, I did book to speak in 2014.

This Wednesday, I’m speaking at Manchester WordPress Users Group on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm ish on an introduction to SEO with WordPress. The talk will cover some of the lesser known features of WordPress SEO, on how to improve your site in the eyes of search engines, and a very brief introduction on how to build SEO Friendly themes.

It won’t be the most polished talks, as it’s my first one, but I’ve been practicing and learning, if you want to attend it’s free to do so, and in MadLab in Manchester’s Northern Quarter (opposite Common). You can read more the agenda for the meetup here or subscribe to the Meetup here.

Hope to see you there!

Interviewed on Rise Forums

Recently I was interviewed by Kevin Muldoon on Rise Forums discussing all things SEO, Internet Marketing and WordPress. The interview covers my career, including how I got into Internet Marketing, my transition into WordPress development, and also some insight into my work structure, and the tools I use on a daily basis.

You can read the interview here.

Rise Forums is a paid forum aimed at Internet Marketers and Bloggers. It is designed to be affordable, and has some great members (myself included!). You can join Rise Forums here.

Featured on The GroupHigh Blog on Blogger Pitching Advice

Recently I was featured on the GroupHigh Blog on how to pitch to bloggers. I took some advice as taken from the “We Need To Talk About Alan” post a few weeks ago and curated on their blog. It’s great to be featured along with a lot of other bloggers. Cheers GroupHigh!

Click here to read “Pitching Tips Straight From the Bloggers You’re Pitching”.