Commonwealth Games 2014 – Glasgow

Over the past weekend I attended the Rugby Sevens event at the Commonwealth Games.

For those unaware, the Commonwealth Games are an Olympics style event which features countries who are in the Commonwealth. It’s one of the few events that the nations of Great Britain compete separately from each other, and there are slightly different events from the Olympics.

One of the different events was Rugby Sevens, which is because a lot of Commonwealth Nations are rugby playing nations. The games were played over the course of 2 days at Ibrox, and we attended the first session.

It was brilliant! Even for non rugby fans like my mum who attended, as soon as we arrived we felt the warmth of Glasgow (or rather the Glaswegian people), and got into it. Bless her, she’s still chanting for Uganda (the fans favourite underdogs) more than 24 hours after the events.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my trip. Hope you like them!

Have you been in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games? Let me know how your experience was.

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