Doing Dryathlon

So here’s the thing: the amount of booze I drink has dropped fairly significantly. Sure, there are still times that I have a drink or 6, occasionally showing up to work with a sore head, but since turning 30 the amount I regularly drink has dropped considerably. I also quite like sober me – he’s funny, with more energy and generally a more pleasant person to be around.

However, August was a heavy month for me, with stag does and weddings drinking everything from a cheeky ale after work to Polish Vodka. Now we hit September I’m looking for a change of lifestyle, maybe taking it easy for a bit.

As such, I’ve signed up to do September’s Dryathlon.

Fun fact: I actually did something similar last year, managing 13 days in October. Then Wales selfishly qualified for the Euros and I ended up celebrating with far too much alcohol on a Tuesday night. I even went on a date sober and everything. However beyond said date (who was confused as to why I was drinking coke in one of Chorlton’s finest real ale bars), nobody knew.

I hope that by publicly announcing it on here I’m able to actually complete the month. Whilst September doesn’t look too dreadful in terms of things on, there are a few things that would see me tempted to drink: Wales qualifiers for the World Cup, the obvious “just one” after work and – the big one – Chapter 36 of PROGRESS Wrestling. I’ll just have to channel my inner Jim Smallman for the last one.

Nevertheless, these sorts of things you don’t do just for yourself, as the chances are nobody will care. This dryathlon is for Cancer Research UK, so the hope is I can raise a some cash. I’ve set a modest goal. If you want to donate you can do so here, alternatively I’d be delighted if you share this post.

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