Easy Access Whiskey

So yeah, I’ve spent the weekend at home back in North Wales, enjoying home comforts, including finishing off the bottle of Jack Daniels I got for Christmas.

In a drunken stupor I dropped the screwcap underneath the fridge freezer, a large contraption neither myself, nor the dog, can fit beneath.

Searching the kitchen I can only find one such top that fit on the JD. It was a perfect fit. What do you think?

Marvellous & I think I’m onto something, wouldn’t you agree?

On the minus side, I’ve not  got a bottle for the gym. I could take the whiskey…

4 thoughts on “Easy Access Whiskey”

  1. I also send Archie into all the hard places to get lids. Yesterday I dropped the Bisto lid down the side of the cooker and he was happy to retrieve it for me.

  2. Hi there Rhys,

    Interestingly, you have actually hit upon a truism. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel’s original bottle design had a sports cap. He wanted it to be an aid to baseball, a sport that was blossoming at the time. His vision was to have a bottle of sipping whisky on each base. Any batsman who stood at the base longer than 20 seconds had to start sipping through the sports cap.

    Sadly, his dream was never realised.

    Yours educationally,

    B. Chindouche.

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