February Challenge Update & March Goal

Apologies for the small delay in the blog post. I completely missed a blog post last week, which is practically inexcusable, as I do have posts to post. I celebrated my 29th birthday last Monday (Happy Birthday to Me!) and generally spent most of the week either celebrating or recovering.

I have also have some amazing news on the horizon on the next couple of months, which may take quite a bit of my time, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend on this site for the next couple of months. Next months’ goal for example is “fucking finish what is causing the amazing news”, so that’s all sorted! But onto this month’s goal & last month’s.

February’s Goal – Decluttering: Complete! (ish)

Yes! I managed to declutter a fair bit from my room and domain portfolio, making about £100 in the process. Money which is appreciated as in under two weeks I am heading to Glasgow to watch Wales play Scotland in the footy (as well as the bonus attraction of Glasgow Rangers vs Stirling Albion the next day – Scottish Division 3 doesn’t get the International break that higher leagues do). It wasn’t without it’s faults, here were a few things that could’ve scuppered me:-


eBay  Throttling My Listings

I talked about this briefly in another one of my other posts, but something I didn’t realise was eBay would only allow 10 items (or £500 value items) for new sellers. As somebody who rarely dabbles in eBay, this was frustrating as I had to split my listings up over two days, nearly missing the February deadline.

Bad/Late Payers

So I had two auctions won, however at the time of writing I’ve still to receive payments for. They were also fairly high selling items, so I’m a bit gutted to not get the cash in my back pocket yet. I’ve chased and chased, and not sure what to do if I’m honest. eBay don’t exactly support sellers over buyers, so I’m thinking I may have to suck it up and relist. Boo hoo.


What a bunch of monumental weapons. You see, I snapped up a domain on backorder a few years ago, and it came with a “free domain monitoring service” which automatically links me with the domain. However, after realising I had fuck all to write about Belgium I sold it to a friend of mine. Said friend has let it lapse, Godaddy paced it into auction and because I have the “free domain monitoring service” still on my account they very kindly put in a bid for the domain. A bid that wasn’t matched, and I now once again own  said domain.

I’m not happy. It’s not expensive, but frustrating as GoDaddy have been as helpful as a chocolate teapot, often throwing answers in legalese to me. In this one dickish move, they are losing me as a customer. Sucks to be you, Godaddy.

March’s Goal – Launch a Website

And so onto March’s goal – it is to get a website out of the door. I’ve been sitting on a domain for about 3 or 4 months for an idea that I’ve never even started, so decided to launch a website by March 31st.

I’ve bought the domain name, secure the Twitter & Facebook accounts for it and invested a little bit of money for advertising. The domain however is going to try and make money, and I have a plan for doing so. Wish me luck!

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  1. I had a similar thing with buyers not paying recently, start a case in the resolution centre so you can get your charges and listing fees back, I believe it also marks the buyer as having not paid for an item.

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