Goals of 2013 – What Was Achieved?

So at the beginning of the year, I made some goals for 2013, on where I see myself in 12 months. It’s safe to assume that a rather large book shaped 2 month time suck saw me not achieve all my goals, but even so, I am still relatively happy with my progress. Here is my goal update for 2013.

Start Speaking – Semi Pass/Fail

So my main goal of 2013 was to start speaking at conferences. I didn’t quite achieve it though I targeted speaking at WordCamps. This probably was a little bit of a mistake as at the beginning of the year I hadn’t actually been to a WordCamp. Nevertheless, I did sort a speaking gig, but it’s actually happening in January 2014. Not sure whether I call it a pass or a fail. I didn’t start speaking in 2013, but did sort my first speaking gig in 2013. Does that count?

Oh and I will mention where I’m speaking in the next few weeks.

Blog More – Pass

Yep definitely done more blogging. Heck I’ve done more writing than I ever have before.

Most of my non-book-writing has been on this here blog, but the odd post on You’re Supposed To Be At Home (though that has slowed down, I mean, just how many times can you talk about visiting Guiseley?) has been bolstered by my new blog – Wrestling Betting – which has been a sleeper hit for my site portfolios, so much so I’ve invested time in a redesign, and will push a competition live soon! Check it out.

Save More Cash – Pass (though could be better)

This was going so well, so well, until I hit Germany in October.

You see, I discovered myself a little bit whilst traveling. I discovered that I hated sleeping in dorms in hostels. Unfortunately in Cologne I nearly had a breakdown where – staying in a hostel dormitory, I encountered probably my least favourite person in 2013. A fairly obnoxious Norwegian bloke who punched and kicked me when snoring, but was quite happy keeping me up when getting to know the only girl in the dorm room. Sigh.

As a result, I quickly rebooked the remaining week and a bit of my holiday, at considerable expense, to avoid staying in hostels but in hotels instead. It was the right thing to do, as the rest of my trip was really good, but it cost me a fair bit. Not as bad as I thought it would be, but pretty bad that I had to dive into my “emergency” savings.

Nevertheless, I’ve more money stashed away than I had this time last year, which is a nice thought, but damn it could’ve been better.

Start a Pension – Dismal Failure

Yeah, this didn’t really happen. Bit gutted actually, as out of all my goals I thought this was the most achievable. Plus the father will probably have a go at me. So for me this is number 1 goal of 2014! Heck I’d like to get it done and dusted before I turn 30.

So these were my goals, what were yours? Did you achieve them?

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