Goals For 2014

Happy New Year Everybody! It’s a new calendar year, and whilst I don’t like having resolutions, per se, I do like setting goals. Goals that hopefully I will achieve in the upcoming year. It was quite nice looking back on my goals for 2013 – in the fact I did better than I thought I did! Anyway, here are my goals for 2014:-

Start a Pension

This goal for me was left over from 2013. Yeah I’m not exactly thrilled I didn’t achieve it, so it’s my #1 goal for 2014! I’m nearly 30, and kind of really should be thinking about responsible stuff – as much as I love doing what I do, I’d quite like the option to retire at some point, lord knows I cannot rely on a state pension. So time to start being a little bit more responsible and get a pension.

Get More Premium Plugins/Themes Out There

WP Email Capture has served me well, incredibly well, but I feel like I should be diversifying my income a little bit. Sales from WP Email Capture account for nearly 50% of my income from my personal ventures, and also residual income from WP Email Capture accounts for nearly 80%. Whilst I am happy for this, I feel I should diversify a little more.

So I’ve decided over the Christmas break to put development of new features on hold for WP Email Capture. I am happy with how it is doing, and I don’t think working much more on it on features will improve it more. Of course I’m going to continue keeping everything bug fixed and working, but the work to do some of the features I wish to implement, along with maintaining them, I cannot see a benefit.

This of course is up for review, and will probably still add to it, but for now I’m going to increase the number of products I sell, rather than focus on one or two.

Get My Name More Out There in the Community

The biggest change professionally for me was that I’m pretty much no longer an SEO anymore, but instead a full time developer. It is a good move for me and I’m glad I made it, but I don’t know that many people in the WordPress Community, certainly on a chatty way similar to how I am with the SEO community. As such, I’m keen to get out there a little more in the WordPress Community, and connect with a few more people. As such, I’m looking to attend a few more WordCamps and WordPress meetups, along with maybe posting a few guest blogs elsewhere, just to get my name out a bit.

Own A Property (or have enough for a deposit)

Okay, this is the big one for me.

As alluded to earlier, I turn 30 earlier on this year, and I’ve recently been thinking about getting a house. Turns out that it isn’t that far out of my reach. I’d love my own place and to get on the property ladder.

I’ve a little money saved up, but feel with a year or so saving I could probably easily save enough for a deposit on the house, maybe even buying a house. But yes, this is my next big goal. Hopefully it’ll be 2014, definitely in 2015!

I hope everybody has a great new year! What are your goals?

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  1. I’m trying to bake a different bread each week (at least one a week). It’d be quite nice if I get good enough at it that I no longer need to buy bread, but I doubt that will happen. Sometimes bread at shops is just convenient. Meh. Also, I want to get back into gigging this year, and maybe get together some kind of cabaret act.

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