Goals of 2013

So another year over, and – surprise surprise – I kept my New Years Resolution! Wasn’t too tricky to be honest, but the “Less Weight, More Dates” resolution was – as of the time of writing (which is before the Christmas Break) – kept. The latter especially I broke emphatically **smiles shyly**.

2012 was a big year for me (shy smile aside), I changed jobs moving from Manual Link Building to 3 Door Digital, released WP Email Capture Premium (finally) and grew in ways I never thought I would. I also ticked off a life goal (go to the Olympic Games), and went to two gigs (a lot for me!).

Onto 2013. A year of change methinks, where I think I’ll finally grow up. I am not setting resolutions, but rather goals for the year. Here are four that I’ve thought of that – if I haven’t achieved any of these by December 2013, I’ll be disappointed.

Start Speaking

This is a fairly big one for me. Recently, I’ve noticed I’ve become a bit of a go-to guy when it comes to WordPress. I’d love to do some sort of talk somewhere. I’ve a few ideas of talks I want to do, and also half-pitched to Alex an idea for Sascon (which may or may not happen). However, one thing I’m thinking of targeting is WordCamp this year, which is an unconference. I’m not too familiar with the concept of unconferences, but what I am lead to believe is that you simply put your name down on the list to speak, and they will fit you in somewhere.

I have an idea for a talk at WordCamp, so I will try and prepare something.

Blog More

This is where this site comes in. I think I could probably count on two hands how many blog posts I wrote in 2012. I used to be so proficient, blogging almost every day. Last year I dropped off the face of the earth, it is something I wish to correct in 2013.

The main blog will be this one, but will be open for guest posts on other places. Let me know if you want me to write something and what you would like me to write about.

Of course, I’ll also keep blogging occasionally on the 3 Door Digital Blog, Blogging Dojo, WP Email Capture and You’re Supposed To Be At Home.

Please remind me on the last one if I haven’t got the Hinckley United post up on the last one by the time you read this, then call me names in the comments.

Save More Cash

Away from the internet, I’d like to start saving a bit more. When I moved jobs my savings did take a wee bit of a hit, but I should be able to build them back up again, but it’s taking longer than I thought (damn Christmas! Damn Nexus 7!).

I was told by somebody to have one goal in your life that is seemingly “unachievable”, as they are often achieved. One of my seemingly unachievable life goals is to never ever have a mortgage. My plan is to save up a figure in my head in a instant access savings account, split that figure in half, and put half into something that is a bit higher interest that I can’t touch.

I do spend a ridiculous amount of money at times, so can easily cut down. Sandwiches for work and less fruit machines (yeah not sure why I play fruities, started in University, never really stopped) are two of the ways. Hell I’ve a nickname of being a mingebag, I may as well become one.

Start a Pension

Yes, this is more to appease the parents rather than me, but it did shock me that out of all 5 of my immediate family, I don’t have any retirement savings. I have talked about it, but I didn’t get around to setting up.

Yeah it’s dull, but I don’t want to be poor when I’m old.

And I don’t want to be old.

Anyway, those are my goals in 2013. Hopefully with them being in writing I’m more likely to keep them!

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