Hello World. Again

Let’s try again, shall we?

For those who have known me for a fair amount of time will know how I got into this online marketing malarkey was via blogging. During university I used to write a fair bit, blogging usually once per day. That dropped when I started work, and instead I was down to one a week. I relaunched this blog a couple of years ago with the thoughts of writing something thoughtful, and insightful, once a week. “Piece of piss”, I thought.


Yeah, the issue was mainly that Author+, followed by WP Email Capture got in the way. The latter of which has been pretty successful for me. As such, writing to you lot, just – well – wasn’t profitable.


But now it’s calmed down, and I’ve thought long and hard about starting this up again. I’m on a mission to kind of restructure what I do outside of work on this big bad thing called the internet. I’m a geek, so most nights after work I’m usually found doing some cooky shit on the internet. Or playing Words With Friends, one of the two.

Or in the pub. One of the three.

The plan is to reduce the amount of sites I am managing or require an epic amount of managing and content creation (blogs, mainly), and build up small sites for stuff that interests me. Blogging Dojo is getting the MyBlogGuest Plugin on it so I can get some guest posts on there. You’re Supposed To Be At Home is being left dormant bar the odd game here and there I go to that is actually new. Retro Garden…well…not sure about that, any offers?

It’s not necessarily to make me a millionaire, more to just try make sites of stuff that interests me. Small, self standing sites similar to Tweets2CSV. I’ve a couple of ideas of sites I’m thinking of running.

This site, along with Winwar (a site that is being both culled and rebuilt), is where you’ll hear about them first. Winwar is becoming a bit of a portfolio for all these new sites. Not wanting to brag but that site looks bloody amazing in development.

Of course, this site isn’t just about my sites, I’m also posting rants and thoughts about anything. I’m feeling I need to get my name a bit out there again. If that means I become a “thought leader” (shudder), then so be it. Please don’t call me a thought leader.

So yeah, that’s the redesign, the reboot, and why I’m doing it. It’s a place for me to share my thoughts whenever I feel the need to. I hope you like it.

6 thoughts on “Hello World. Again”

  1. Good stuff Rhys! I like how you publicly make your commitment to blogging again, I feel it makes it easier to stick to it! Also, I’m going to try comment on my friends blog post more. Looking forward to see what you do in 2013.

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