January Challenge Update and My Goal for February

If you have followed my January 2013 challenge intently, you will have spotted that the spreadsheet used to track my goal came to an abrupt halt on the 10th January. You probably can guess why.

January Challenge: Dry-ish-athlon – Failed

Yes, I failed. I can’t remember exactly what happened on the 10th, but I buckled. The final nail in the coffin was ironically on a date to the cinema, to see The Hobbit. So I’m not one to hold a grudge and point fingers, but I’m blaming Martin Freeman. The mop headed demon to sobriety that he is.

As promised, I’d have a forfeit if I failed, and that is quite simply that I’m doubling the donation to John Boy to a tenner, as he has succeeded (well as of two days ago). You can donate to him here.

February Challenge: Declutter

Behold my life. It’s a mess. The image at the top are my shelves of everything I’ve obtained in the two and a bit years living in Manchester. My desk is much worse, as you can see here:-


So yeah, my desk is as cluttered as my mind, and like my mind, the desk is full of half finished ideas. Take for example the Pringles Tube. My plan is to put dried spaghetti into it (I love jars for sundries, I hate plastic bags), I’ve still not done so. It’s a Christmas Pringle Tube, for fuck’s sake.

So anyway, by March the 1st my desk and my shelves will be a bit more decluttered. To measure it, I’ll sell at least the following:-

  • 5 Books or Video Games
  • 1 Websites or Web Domains

Also have a less cluttered desk and wardrobe (yeah, that’s a mess too).

The forfeit is simple. If I don’t sell them, I’ll just give some stuff away. This will be probably either through this blog or in a charity bag.

I’m not sure of a reward, but it will probably be I’ll do something nice with the money raised.

7 thoughts on “January Challenge Update and My Goal for February”

  1. Decluttering is a good idea! Make a list of games you might not want any more and I may make an offer 😉

    But, as a wise friend (Julian Kay – check him out on juliankay.com, he’s a good guy) told me once, if you look at something and it holds no memories or purpose to you – throw it. If it holds memories and no purpose, and you can’t display it anywhere, take a photo and throw it. If you can’t even be bothered to take a photo of it – it’s not worth keeping!

    1. I do have a lot of clutter, some stuff in boxes. The prevision is that when I FINALLY get my own place they’ll be displayed. The obscene amount of lego and photos/posters from traveling in particular 🙂

  2. makes me feel a whole lot better about my clutter!!

    ps, please move your comment box fields around, email, name, url! confusing much!

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