June Challenge Update & July Challenge

So another month begins! It has been a mental 6 months for me, and already 2013 is shaping up to be a huge year. If you would’ve said to me that in 6 months ago I’d have started a business and written a book, I’d probably called you a nutcase, but after half of 2013, it’s been incredible ride.

Unfortunately, this has reflected on something which putting right will be my focus for my July Challenge.

June Challenge – Saving Stuff: Complete! (I Think)

So yes, I just about managed to put a fifth of my wage into my savings account, which was an achievement in itself, however I did go into my overdraft the last week of June – for no other reason that my last week was just a wee bit mental. Ay well, but managed to put away the amount I wanted to. No more mental weeks for me, certainly not in July…..

July Challenge – Get Fitter

….as July’s challenge is quite simply to get fitter. These last two or 3 months have been so busy, that they culiminated spectacularly on Wednesday night – where after booking The Nook for the bbPress Complete Launch Party I took it upon myself to sample the range of beverages that they have to offer, and also went out again on Thursday. And Friday.

It’s beginning to take it’s toll, and feel myself getting bigger and feeling a bit bleh when I look at myself in the mirror. This culminated on Saturday where I ran downstairs and back up again to get to the postman and found myself out of breath.


So inspired in part by Richard Shove’s gym and diet session, I’m going to try and increase the amount of exercise I am doing. I started on Sunday with a gym session and although I was quite sore on Sunday night, I was surprised how fit I actually was (managed a good hour or so with about 35 minutes cardio, 25 minutes weights). I do actually walk a fair bit (I walk 3 miles to work most mornings), and general dicking about with the wrestling means I’m not completely stationary.

It’s not a diet per-se, as I actually eat pretty good (not perfect, like I don’t shovel Kale down my gullet like it’s going out of fashion), plus probably my biggest weakness for calories (alcohol) will probably be knocked on the head if I’m spending more time in the gym.

So yes, those last two paragraphs explain my biggest problem – I make excuses for my fitness far too easy, as I generally say I’m not that bad. So for the next 30 days, no excuses. This month I’ll do the following:-

  • Walk to/from work at least 20 times (so a walk to and from work in one day counts as 2).
  • At least 12 other active sessions (be it gym or a swim or something else)

I’m not setting any goals, but my reward is if I do this I’ll probably lose weight, and if I don’t I’ll probably still be a fat unhealthy bastard. That’s my reward & punishment. Wish me luck!

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