Loot Gaming May 2016 Unboxing – Dungeon

So I’m a bit behind on these (more to follow) but here’ Loot Gaming May 2016 Unboxing. This month’s theme is “Dungeon”, and actually has a few franchises I like! Doom and The Legend of Zelda in particular. May’s Loot Gaming unboxing was a bit of a bust but the stuff went for a fair bit on eBay so overall it wasn’t too bad.

This month’s box was stupidly delayed due to one item leaking in the box, so expect another review very shortly from Loot Gaming.

All in all, it was better than last month but overall not stunning. I like the glass, and the items would be nice if you were a fan of the franchise. Part of me wishes for slightly more retro gear, but that’s just me.

I’ve subscribed for 3 more months, as next month have a couple of franchises I am a fan of (Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 and Street Fighter), so that makes me happy. You can see what happens with next month’s box if you subscribe to my Youtube Channel here.

Own Part of the Crate!

From the crate, I’ve put the following things on eBay:-

To to subscribe to Loot Gaming, check out the official site here. You can get $5 off your first crate with that link!

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