How Manchester United Could Qualify For Europe Next Season

So watching last night’s Europa League matches, I had a thought.

You see, like most football fans, I’ve delighted in the abject averageness of Manchester United this season. Blowing hot and cold like a broken radiator, I’ve been enjoying rubbing it in the faces of a few of my United friends who have made themselves scarce this year. I must admit, beyond my one true football love of Colwyn Bay Football Club and country of Wales, I have a passing interest in the English top flight at best.

It is with Wales that we saw the Euro 2016 draw recently, with something interesting: the addition of Gibraltar.

Having dealt with the loveliness of the formation of the League of Wales with Colwyn Bay FC, and what we could and couldn’t do, I knew that being a representative of UEFA (which is now what Gibraltar is), they need to have a national football league. This has it’s perks though, as it allows you to enter the two UEFA Competitions: The Europa League and the Champions League.

Gibraltar has one spot in both these competitions. And who should be one of the best teams in the league?

Manchester United.

The Gibraltan Manchester United (also known as Manchester 62) are actually quite a successful team, winning the Gibraltan League 7 times, and the Gibraltan Cup 3 times, so it is looking good for them this season, at the time of writing this is their location in the league:-

And they are also in the Quarter Finals of The Gibraltan Cup (admittedly against a tough Lynx side), so it’s not inconceivable they qualify for Europe. Certainly, they have a better chance than the Manchester United based in England, who have more than 3 points to make up in the league and are effectively out of all competitions.

So yes, Manchester United fans, you can still watch your team in Europe next year, just you have to go to Gibraltar.

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