My First Tweets….

In case you don’t spend as much time on Twitter as I do, Twitter have started offering archives of your Tweets to download and read through at your leisure. Basically, to save space, you cannot search through all your tweets (heavy users get about 2 weeks worth), but the links are obviously still there and live, so you can see them, just not find them once they are lost in the Internet.

Anyway, if you go to your settings page and click “Your Twitter Archive”, you can request it.

And. It’s. Brilliant.

A little history for you, I joined Twitter ages ago in July 2007, at the ripe old age of 23, and this was my first ever tweet:-

Don’t worry, 4 tweets in, I was already yelling at Han for some reason.

So this got me thinking! What was the first tweets I sent to various people that have become close friends now about? Well, thanks to a rather handy search feature, it’s easy to find out! First off, my 3 Door Digital colleagues Alex:-

and Anna:-

Fascinating, I’m sure you’ll agree. It doesn’t get much better, here was my first message to Shane, discussing Movember:-

Carly‘s – which was discussing the latest troll that existed in the SEO-sphere (who was being SEOCockstars?):-

And Richard‘s:-

However, occasionally, very occasionally, the odd first message turns out to be brilliant. Take for example my first message to Matt. For a few years, I’ve been routinely mocked due to my lack of film knowledge. Many may argue that is completely justified, but – a year before we began working together at Manual Link Building – I can’t say I didn’t warn him.

But the best, and the most relevant to my career was my first message to Pete. It was when I was the SEO for Livetech, and I was whinging about the Google SERP’s for one of our clients, who wanted to rank for a particular localised phrase. Despite having reported the phrase to be #1, we still weren’t getting traffic, and then I realised, the localised listing for this phrase was for the place in the United States with the same name. I whinged on twitter, and Pete replied:-

Anyway, I remember the SERP now, it was “plumbers in Flint”.

It is still fucked.

The more things change in SEO, the more they stay the same.

Still, it got me thinking of how big a deal Twitter is. When twitter started I was living in Colwyn Bay, doing an okay job, but not really meeting many like minded geeks. I’m now living in Manchester, forming friendships with all the people who are listed above, and am enjoying life. It’s a long way since the days we were warned to not meet people off the Internet in case we were axe murderers or something, and Twitter is largely to thank for it.

Maybe it’s true what they say: Facebook is for people you went to school with, Twitter is for people you wish you went to school with.

Anyway, what were your first tweets? Anything interesting to anybody? I’d be keen to see them in the comments!

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