Featured on Two Posts on SEONo

Recently, I was lucky enough to be featured on two posts on SEONo. The SEO blog, run by Steve Morgan, has been churning out some nice stuff recently, so it’s well worth checking out (even especially if the posts don’t feature yours truly).

The first is a guest post by Emma Barnes of Gaming Memoirs who interviewed me and a bunch of other SEO’s for “What Video Games do SEO’s like?“, this epic post was great fun in participating in (even if a few of my responses raised a few eyebrows!). Check that out and add me to Xbox Live – I’m well up for a game!

The second was a post detailing SEO’s on last.fm. I must admit I’m not a huge last.fm user, using letting Spotify scrobbling to it. Nevertheless, I was relieved, as my so-called bad taste in music didn’t come to the fore. Result!

Cheers for the features Steve! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Featured on Two Posts on SEONo”

  1. Somehow I missed this – your responses were my favourites! But also, the longest to go through, haha. You seem to love every game EVER. Good times!

  2. Hi Rhys. I’ve literally only just seen this after doing a vanity Google search for SEOno (it was for research purposes – honestly)! Thanks for the kind words! 🙂

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