Rhys vs USA & Canada – Plan 1

Over a bottle of wine last night, I planned the first draft of my travel plans – when I head to the United States & Canada for a bit. Here’s the first draft.

Following last year’s holiday, I’ve decided I really enjoy watching sports when I’m abroad (plus it’s content for You’re Supposed To Be At Home), so the plan is to watch WWE Monday Night Raw in Richmond, VA, the New York Red Bulls in (oddly) New Jersey, and the Yankees as well. Unfortunately the Mets are on a 10 day stint away, so I can’t watch them again. I’ll see if I can fit in a game of something in Chicago & Toronto.

Already the plans have changed though from the above though! After speaking to my brother, he thinks I should have one less day in Richmond (which is fairly easy to do) and one less day in Toronto. Instead put that time to either an extra day in New York or Washington, as well as fit in a trip to Niagra falls.

With that said, I’m chuffed getting it off the ground at long last. Anybody been to Toronto? Worth it for a couple of days? Any ideas or suggestions for how to add to the trip or any things I must see (done New York, so I’d like things a little off the beaten track).