Six Nations 2011 – It Begins Today!

Yes! The most politically correct sporting tournament begins today – the Six Nations!

It’s a tournament that pits England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, France & Italy in a league format in Rugby, to see who is the best nation in the Northern Hemisphere

I bloody love it, it’ a marvellous tournament, that unites a nation like no other tournament on a yearly basis. Furthermore, it’s provides the sort of banter you can have with your fellow nations that doesn’t involve a glassing. As much as I love football, rugby players can really teach them something on how to act on the pitch.

To give a sample of such banter, I ask my followers the same question: “What do you think their chances of winning the Six nations are?”

Mike CJ (English) of Camel Media Group said the following:-

Barry Adams (Dutch, but lives in Ireland) of The Great Websites Blog said the following:-

James Jackson of Ogge said the following:-

So what of Wales chances? I’m not confident. Injuries & the fact we’re approaching a World Cup generally means we’ll be poor. As lovely as it would be to beat the old enemy, I’m not confident. Still I’ll still be singing hymns & arias. Dewch ymlaen Cymru!

Who do you think will win?