Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus! Cwtch a Welshie Sore Today

Happy St Davids Day..!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Watt_Dabney

Happy Saint David’s Day! Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus i ti! Yes, today is the day that Welshies around the world celebrate like they do any other day & have a few drinks, wear their rugby shirts and genuinely singing hmyns & arias all day. Maybe that’s just me.

Welshies are ace and if you are blessed enough to have a Welshie in your life, show you’re appreciation for them by a way that Welshie’s are most receptive.

Give them a cwtch to end all cwtches.

You see, a cwtch is a hug, and although nobody can give a cwtch quite like a Welshie, they are notoriously receptive to other nationalities to attempt a cwtch.

So give a cwtch to a Welshie today!

Have a special Welshie in your life? One that’s yours and yours only? Give them a great big sws (kiss) as well!

Anybody doing anything special today?