WWE: When is it Not Ashamed To Be a Wrestling Promotion?

In the last few months, me and a few of my wrestling fan mates (of which there is numerous) have been having a good giggle at the WWE, and it’s refusal to be called a wrestling promotion.

They have tried to distance itself from the name since the mid 80’s, when they used it to get passed being listed as an athletic event so they wouldn’t have the same regulation as boxers (“wrestlers? No, they are superstars!”), but recently it’s got a bit silly, PR departments have been agressive in emailing sources in press coverage asking for titles that mention the word “Wrestling” changed, even removing coverage when journalists not wanting to change. Jokes about how many times the word “Wrestle” was said at Wrestlemania (which is probably going to be changed in name next year to something like “Entertainamania” – hey that could work as a name) did the rounds over the weekend, and as somebody who is involved in the wrestling business in such a small way, I find it amusing.

However, the other business I’m involved in is SEO, and – during a boring evening pissing about on the internet – I found this:-

Furthermore, here is the Meta Description, where it explicitly says it’s targetting wrestling fans!

<META NAME="description" CONTENT="Wrestling merchandise from WWEShop.com
includes a huge variety of WWE DVDs, action figures, accessories &amp;
more at everyday low discounted prices. WWEShop.com satisfies all
WWE wrestling merchanidise needs for the wrestling fan in all of us!">

I don’t blame WWE for this. After all, if you sell wrestling merchandise and don’t include the words “Wrestling Merchandise” in your title and meta description tags, then you are – quite frankly – pants on head retarded. Certainly I applaud your SEO team and if Vince McMahon is reading this, I suggest you give them a pay rise for bringing in a lot of sales for standing up to your branding department (who, really, should be fired).

Oh and whilst your at it. Give Zack Ryder a push.

I’m not sure either of those will happen, in fact I’m pretty sure that the word “wrestling” will be removed from the title and descriptions!

Rhys vs USA & Canada – Plan 1

Over a bottle of wine last night, I planned the first draft of my travel plans – when I head to the United States & Canada for a bit. Here’s the first draft.

Following last year’s holiday, I’ve decided I really enjoy watching sports when I’m abroad (plus it’s content for You’re Supposed To Be At Home), so the plan is to watch WWE Monday Night Raw in Richmond, VA, the New York Red Bulls in (oddly) New Jersey, and the Yankees as well. Unfortunately the Mets are on a 10 day stint away, so I can’t watch them again. I’ll see if I can fit in a game of something in Chicago & Toronto.

Already the plans have changed though from the above though! After speaking to my brother, he thinks I should have one less day in Richmond (which is fairly easy to do) and one less day in Toronto. Instead put that time to either an extra day in New York or Washington, as well as fit in a trip to Niagra falls.

With that said, I’m chuffed getting it off the ground at long last. Anybody been to Toronto? Worth it for a couple of days? Any ideas or suggestions for how to add to the trip or any things I must see (done New York, so I’d like things a little off the beaten track).

TNA Maximum Impact Tour 2011, Manchester Photos

Good news everybody! I survived the weekend (just). Mancseo was great fun, as we drank the night away in a private room of the Black Dog Ballroom, as was the time in Leeds with my university friends.

But the other highlight of the weekend – the TNA Maximum Impact Tour – is what I’m wanting to focus on. It was a great day & I got the chance to take some great photos. Here’s some of my favourites.

A full writeup will follow on You’re Supposed To Be At Home soon.