TNA Maximum Impact Tour 2011, Manchester Photos

Good news everybody! I survived the weekend (just). Mancseo was great fun, as we drank the night away in a private room of the Black Dog Ballroom, as was the time in Leeds with my university friends.

But the other highlight of the weekend – the TNA Maximum Impact Tour – is what I’m wanting to focus on. It was a great day & I got the chance to take some great photos. Here’s some of my favourites.

A full writeup will follow on You’re Supposed To Be At Home soon.

One thought on “TNA Maximum Impact Tour 2011, Manchester Photos”

  1. Hi there Rhys,

    Glad you survived your weekend.

    Did you know that wrestling entertainment (i.e. the non-Grecco-Roman stuff) dates back to around 20BC when Cleopatra came up with the idea for her father’s birthday. She planned a stunt to bring him into the arena involving a series of pulley’s and the great pyramid of Giza. Unfortunately, the apex stone was loose, causing him to plummet over 753 metres to his death in the ring below.

    4,094 slaves lost their lives in retribution.

    Yours ever-teachingly,

    B. Chindouche

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