Trip to Belgium & Germany 2013

I read with interest Nomadic Matt’s post recently on traveling, specifically how on his last trip he became homesick. Traveling is great and I love it, but I did find myself in Germany on my last trip. Specifically I am too old for Dorms, and traveling a couple of weeks on my own is – well – a wee bit tough.

Do not get me wrong, I love Germany and had a great holiday, but it was the final chapter in “discovering myself” and I now know what I need for the perfect holiday.

I need my own space.

After a disastrous time in Cologne where I couldn’t really enjoy myself (buy me a beer, I will explain it), I re-booked the last week of my trip away to change from Dormitories to budget hotels. Lo-and-behold because I had my own space I enjoyed it so much more. Dortmund was great as everybody was super friendly, and Munich is definitely one of my favourite cities outside of the UK. Also Brussels was probably the greatest Wales away trip I have ever been on, and Cologne was fine and I am willing to give it another go if I stay in a non-dorm place.

I have nothing against hostels. In fact I want to stay in them more, but in private rooms with a lock that I can relax a wee bit. I am lucky living in Europe everything is so damn close. I cannot wait to get away again, though not sure where.

Thoughts on Belgium vs Wales & Borussia Dortmund vs Hanover 96 will be live on You’re Supposed To Be At Home in the next few weeks. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos.

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