Trip To Glasgow – March 2013

Recently I visited Glasgow for a long weekend. Really the reason was to watch Wales play Scotland in Hampden Park, but as it is a city I’ve never been before, I took some time out to visit the city.

All in all, I had a great time, Glasgow is a great city, people were dead friendly, and we were even allowed in The Iron Horse, the Tartan Army pub. So many memories and happy thoughts such as the spine tingling rendition of “Caledonia” on karaoke on Thursday night by some amazing singer, an American stumbling into The Iron Horse with not a clue with what’s going on (even going so far as to wearing an Irish jumper!), eating horrible food and not giving a damn, stumbling upon a great hotel full of Welsh people. Kippers for breakfast (a relevation!), a solid Wales performance. Ashton Lane in Glasgow for pints, and Partick Thistle. Especially Partick Thistle.

Anyway here are my “cultural” photos. The matches I went to see will be covered on You’re Supposed to be at Home, with the Wales match up first!

A proper post is on the way soon!

As an aside, and here’s a Social Media Tip you’ll never hear at conferences:-

If you ever want to get a lot of retweets, followers and replies, talk about Partick Thistle. They love their club being mentioned. Seriously. Work it into your digital marketing strategy today.

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