Unboxing Loot Gaming’s March 2016 Box – Legacy

One of the most popular posts since relaunch has been the Unboxing of the Mass Effect N7 Loot Crate, so when I saw that Loot Crate had introduced a Loot Gaming box, I thought about doing another couple of unboxing videos. After dropping about £75 for 3 subscription boxes, I received the first one over the weekend. Here is the video of the unboxing.

Overall, the t-shirt is the beauty of this box. I wore it to Play It! Manchester later that day and did drunkenly check myself out in the mirror wearing it, it’s that good. The scarf and socks are nice and well made if you’re a fan of the franchises. I’m very happy with the badges too as they seem like nice pieces, but the figurine I couldn’t really see a point to, which is a shame. So yes, the t-shirt I’d probably pay about £15 for, which I’d keep.

Also, according to the email received from Loot Crate, apparently there was also a BloodsportsTV game which, errr…wasn’t in the box from what I can see. Rubbish.

I’ve at least 2 more of these to do. Next month has seemingly franchises I don’t care much about (yes, I never got into Fallout 4 or Resident Evil, which is a big thing from next month’s box), so maybe the final one after that may be a lot more positive. Who knows? Be sure to like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel so that you will find out about them first!

Own Part of the Crate!

From the crate, I’ve put the following things on eBay:-

To to subscribe to Loot Gaming, check out the official site here. Use SAVE3 to save $3 off your first crate.

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