Unboxing Mass Effect’s N7 Loot Crate

Before Christmas, I bought Mass Effect’s N7 Day Loot Crate, which was a special crate full of Mass Effect themed goodies. Mass Effect is one of my favourite franchises out there, so I snapped at the chance to buy it.

As a way to try and introduce some different content to the site, I thought about doing an unboxing video. So – a few months late – here is the video of the unboxing of the N7 Day Loot Crate.

Other Thoughts (Not Shared On The Video)

Whilst I’m happy with what I got, I do think that the crate focussed too much on the N7 Logo and less on the entire universe. I’d have liked to see something for some of the characters like Liara, Garrus, Tali or Grunt. The only race that was represented was the fairly minor race of Volus. So that was slightly disappointing.

I still haven’t read the comic either, but it’s on my “to-read” list!

Own Part of the Crate!

From the crate, I’ve put the following things on eBay:-

The crate is no longer for sale, but you can check out the range of Loot Crates. Use SAVE3 to save $3 off your first crate.

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