Wrestle Crate September 2016 – Unboxing

Today we’re looking at another unboxing, but this one is slightly different, this is Wrestle Crate. Wrestle Crate have recently started including exclusive PROGRESS Wrestling merchandise in their boxes, PROGRESS being my favourite wrestling company in the world right now. I thought I’d take a shot at them. But what are my thoughts on this month’s box? Well, here is the video.

Wrestle Crate September 2016 Unboxing Video

Wrestle Crate September 2016 Review

Overall, I was very happy with this box, it was probably my favourite box that I’ve unboxed so far. I love the DVD, it’s a great sample and includes my favourite match ever. The Funko Pop is good and I love the t-shirt. Overall, very very happy with the purchase.

I’ve got next month’s box, which will probably go up on YouTube soon. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Own Part of the Crate!

From the crate, I’ve put the following things on eBay:-

To to subscribe to Wrestle Crate, check out the official site here. There are codes knocking around, Google it 🙂


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