Yes, I am Well Aware that I’m In The Metro Today talking About Jeremy Paxman Saying “Don Quicks-Oat”

So here is the tweet.

And Here is the story in the Metro. Which you have no doubt read and are reading this because a) you are a friend or an acquaintance of mine and b) you have read the story in the Metro.

So thank you for telling me about it, but there is really no need. I spend a lot of time on the internet and egosurf my name thanks to Mention. So I had an email alert about it. I can get away with egosurfing my own name as there aren’t really that many “Rhys Wynne’s” out there. There’s one who plays cricket. And one who plays for Mold Alexandra, and one who edits the Welsh Wikipedia (that I get copied into tweets constantly for) but that’s about it.

To be fair if that is a bit of my 15 minutes of fame, there are worst things to be famous for, commentating on high brow BBC2 entertainment. Even if I am proving Cunningham’s Law.

Right. That’s done. Now carry on with the day.

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