Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Box – Unboxing

So we’re two thirds of the way through unboxing our Zavvi’s Zboxes as we’re unboxing the second free Zavvi Zbox, this one is a Marvel Mystery Box.

Zavvi Zbox Discount Code

This box (and last month box), didn’t have a discount however if you buy the boxes through Quidco you can get all three boxes (including this box and the Zavvi Welcome Box for £15.

Is The Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Worth It?

Overall this box wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t great. The comic was quite nice and the Funko seems to go for a bit. I quite liked the tin (I have used it), but the rest I put on eBay. Nothing in this box was inherently bad, but for me who wasn’t the biggest Marvel fan I wasn’t convinced.

But for a fiver it wasn’t bad.

Own Some of the Zavvi Zbox Marvel Mystery Box

I’ve stuck the following items on eBay:-

What Do You Think?

If you have purchased this box, let me know your thoughts? Did you get something different? Was the calendar as useless as I found it? Please let me know in the comments!

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