July Challenge Update and August Challenge

So yes. Last month’s challenge was one I must say I wasn’t looking forward to. Change diet and get generally fitter. Just how did I do?

July Challenge – Get Fitter: Failed Miserably!

Yes, I was semi on the wagon for the first two weeks, but actually finishing off my book (and getting it released) along with work on another website, and generally being incredibly busy, has meant I fell well and truly off the wagon the last two weeks. I am better than I was, but nowhere near good as the goal I set myself. I need more gym time (as it was pointed out to me at Britannia Wrestling on Saturday, where I couldn’t carry a wooden chair between two people). Maybe next month my life will calm down (hardly likely if week 1 is anything to go by, and then the football season begins again!).

Oh well. Destined to be a fat bastard. I have become to accept it a bit though.

August Challenge – Pick Up More Money off The Table

So August’s challenge is the other element of my life that’s a bit of a mess – all my other websites.

You see, with the exception  of WP Email Capture’s site, I kind of forget about my sites. As such, I’ve left myself loads to do. Things change. So I’ve compiled a to-do list on my old or not working sites and see what I can do by the end of the month:-

  • Retro Garden – Rewrite the “Write for Us” page as it’s quite contradictory. Convert the Retro Games Shop into something that bloody works (probably into something involving eBay Feeds for WordPress). Dump the other shop as it’s bloody annoying me and completely out of service.
  • tweets2csv.com – Add some sort of advertising, be it a CPM or Adsense or Buy Sell Ads, so I can earn something from it.
  • This site – Make it responsive
  • Winwar Media Site – Make it responsive, add some sort of Schema.org to bbPress Complete Book Page. Add pages for the portfolio work I’ve recently done.

So I’m trying to avoid working on any more new stuff until I’ve done the above. Wish me luck!

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