My New Years Resolutions 2011

New Year 2011 - Greetings
Creative Commons License photo credit: valcanno

Happy new year everybody!

Yes it’s 2011 now, and as well as a new blog, I’ve thought long & hard about resolutions.

I know some people are against them, but often I make them & tell a few people, nobody cares & they usually fall apart. Hopefully with it written down, I’ll stick to them a little longer.

That’s the plan at least & with that all’s said, these are my new years resolutions:-

  • Lose a Bit of Weight – Bit of a big one for me (no pun intended). Really I’ve been above what I want to be for about a year. Really frustrating looking at photos of me when I thought I was a fat bastard & seeing me relatively thin. Would like to be like that again!
  • Get a (sporting) interest – I’d like to try something new, preferably a martial art. One of my friends does Karate & loves it. Again, whilst Chorlton gym is a stone’s throw from me, I’d like to explore a little further. But just take up something that’s a) not outside, b) I can meet people & c) not too shit at so I give up. Maybe basketball actually. Or some sort of martial art.
  • Declutter My Life! I’ve got far too many things on the go, and they’re mainly the same things. I need to either finish projects or ditch them. It was bad, I was staring at my cPanel login & all I could see was dead projects. No more new projects that are destined to remain unfinished. I’ll see you in 2030.

Right there’s a list, not too much (and the second one could help with the first one), but it’s three things I want to do in 2011. Any tips or suggestions will be gratefully appreciated!

As far as my wishes for 2011, I hope that we have Saturn Games to play on Xbox Live, the return of The Crystal Maze & Kelly Brook’s hand in marriage.

What are your resolutions? If you share them then maybe it’ll help you keep them!