Get Less For Murder

What have I, Kenny Dalglish, Vivaldi & Lolo Ferrari from Eurotrash got in common?

celebrate little things
Creative Commons License photo credit: Shandi-lee

They all celebrate their birthday today! (Well bar the last two, as they are sadly no longer with us).

Yes I reach the ripe old age of 27. 3 years away from 30, and had a conversation with Mel last night when I realised that dying alone isn’t that bad.

Anyway, bar my own morbid fascinations, I’m looking forward to it! I’m off to Thinkvis this weekend (threatening to live blog it on Winwar!). I thought I’d do something fun as well:-

If you’re going to Thinkvis, I’ll buy a pint to the person who gets the most impressive celebrity to wish me a Happy Birthday. It’ll be judged by me at 7pm.

Yes self indulgent, but I don’t care. Get spamming Twitter your twitter followers!


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