A Mental Few Days

If I’m still alive on Monday, I deserve a medal. Over the next few days my normally manageable social calendar has exploded into a plethora of wonderful things to do & people to see.

  • Thursday Night – Mancseo. Thursday night is the monthly Mancseo meet, and my first anniversary since my first one – when I was a North Wales SEO. Enjoyed the night so much in the House No 9 that it was a catalyst for changing jobs, and the rest – as they say – is history. Anyway, this month’s is in the Blackdog Ballroom, Church Street, Manchester from about 6pm. If you’re in SEO in Manchester (or can get to Manchester) then it’s well worth going to. It’s a great way to network (although I didn’t meet my present employer at the first Mancseo, he was there!).
  • Friday – TNA Wrestling European Tour. Last year the day after my first Mancseo was TNA Wrestling’s European Tour, which stopped in Manchester for the night. Last year’s was a great day, with afternoon beers before the show which was incredible. So we’re doing it again :). Bit of a different lineup compared to last years (both us & the wrestlers, unfortunately a few nasty injuries & emergencies mean that the card is a little weaker than last year), but it should still be good fun. Also, it’ll provide content for my new blog – You’re Supposed To Be At Home (I’ve posted about NEO Ladies Pro Wrestling this week).
  • Saturday – Scarborough & Leeds. Finally on Saturday I’m meeting up with a few university mates & we’re going to Scarborough for the day, followed with a rather cultured wine tasting evening at my mates (followed by a few less cultured piss up in Leeds). If anybody’s out & about in Leeds, let me know!

So yes, even though nowadays more than about 2 or 3 pints ruins the day after, I’m going to be running on fumes by Sunday. I’ll be hitting the gym next week – I bought some scales this week & like all good SEO’s, I’m analysing the ongoing (hopeful) drops.

One thought on “A Mental Few Days”

  1. Hi Rhys,

    Thought you mike like to know that Scarborough was the birthplace of many noted persons, including Sir Francis Bacon, Peter Sissons and Josie D’Arby.

    There is also a saying: “If it rains in Scarborough, the dead are walking the earth”. This saying has yet to be scientifically tested, but those in the area swear by it.

    Yours Guru-ly,

    B. Chindouche

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