March Challenge Update & April Goal

Again, this month’s review of the challenge is a little late (again, apologies – blame the Easter Bunny).

March’s Goal – Launch a Website: Complete!

Yes! I finally pushed a website I had out of the door from one of the domains I had. Hurrah! The website – if you cannot tell from the banner at the top – was Wrestling Betting. It is a domain I’ve held for a while, ever since I had a run of 6 Pay-Per-Views where I predicted the result of every single match perfectly last summer, and it was just when twitter accounts such as @FootyAccums & @HashtagBetting were beginning to become popular, so I bought the domain and sat on it until the end of last month.

Anyway, had some great ideas to push it, one of which from Britannia Wrestling which is brilliant and could result in me not walking for days afterwards, but I’m seeing how it does in Wrestlemania Season in terms of traffic and people viewing it. Would love to grow it into a more substantial idea, and keen to get your thoughts on what to add to it. It’s basic at the moment, but will be adding to it! But for now, please have a read of my Wrestlemania 29 Predictions on the site.

You can also like Wrestling Betting on Facebook and follow @Wrestlingbets on Twitter.

April’s Goal – I’m Not Telling!

Yes. There is a big goal for April. It’s actually massive and could be life changing, but I cannot say what it is. A few people know what it is though, but

The worst thing is a few choice people know. I’d love to sing it from the rooftops, but I cannot.

But all I can say it’s exciting, and it may involve a party. Keep your evening’s free.

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